The Far West is an ill-defined part of the USA, west of the Rocky Mountains.
Most people associate it with the old days of the Wild West when Indians circled wagon trains, cowboys shot each other at noon in front of the saloon and speeding stage coaches were robbed by masked bandits.
And all of this preferably set in the red background of Monument Valley.
Those wild days have long gone, but most of the spectacular scenery remains, from Yellowstone up north in Wyoming to the magnificent Grand Canyon in Arizona to the south.
Paiute and Shoshone lived in the area long before the first Europeans explorers and trappers arrived in the 16th century.
In 1804 Lewis and Clark explored the region after the US bought the Louisiana territory  from Napoleon, who needed the money for his plan to invade Britain.
Droves of homesteaders arrived In the 19th century with disastrous consequences for the local Native Americans.
Today easily accessible and well maintained National Parks and Monuments protect the land and its flora and fauna agains too much human exploit. 
These places provide tourists with ample opportunity to calibrate their nostalgic Wild West ideas against reality. 
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Capitol Reef
Bryce Canyon
Mesa Verde
Grand Canyon
Grand Tetons
Monument Valley
Devils Tower
Lake Mead