a family of prairie dogs live around the tower
looking up
the view from the parking lot
Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower is a blob of crystallized magma that intruded between two layers of sedimentary rocks, some 40 million years ago. Over time these layers eroded away, exposing the 400 m high tower.

The name is actually a wrong translation, there is a continuous endeaver to rename the tower to Bear Lodge which is more in line with the Indian naming and folklore.
In 1906  Teddy Roosefelt declared it a National Monument, the first in its sort.
Daredevil George Hopkins parachuted down on the summit in 1941, but his  provisions to scale down failed and he had to spent 6 cold days on the windy top.
Presently the tower is a popular climbing object, much to the chagrin of the local tribes that regard the tower sacred.
In August 1992 we stopped by Devils Tower.
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the tower dominates the skyline
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a nice spot for a picture moment
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