Yellowstone National Park was created in 1972 as the USA's first National Park and some even say it was the first national park in the world.
Yellowstone sits on top of a large supervolcano that has caused climate disruptive VEI 8 eruptions in the past.
A new eruption whould cover most of the USA in ash and create worldwide lower temperatures.
Everywhere in the park you find geothermal activity with the famous Old Faithful cone geyser as its posterchild.
Other hotspots are at Mammoth and Norris Basin.
The landscape in the park is very diverse, sporting geysers, hotsprings, canyons, forests, thundering waterfalls, lakes and lush valleys.
Add to this grandiose setting large wildlife like bison, elk, moose, grizzly bear and wolf and it becomes clear why Yellowstone is a tourist magnet. Each year a million visit the park, mostly in summer when wildlife sightings can create large traffic jams.
Wildfires are part of the ecosystem and the park's policy is basically to not interfere with natural fires unless they become an immediate threat.
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Norris Basin
Old Faithfull
Yellowstone Falls
Hayden Valley