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The 48 states of the contiguous United States cover the central part of the North American continent. Together with Alaska and Hawaii they form the USA.
The geology is very diverse, from swamps in Florida, the endless plains of the Midwest  to the towering Rocky Mountains that form the continental divide. All that natural beauty is at full display in the 47 National parks.
When and how first humans arrived remains utterly unclear. The Clovis First theory that stated they came on foot via Beringia some 13.000 years ago, is now obsolete.  Fossilized footprints at White Sands Ntl Park are dated at 23.000 BP, right at the height of the Last Ice Age. They may have come paddling a boat along the coastline, on the socalled  Kelp Highway.
In the 1540's Hernando de Soto led the first European exploration in search for gold, but he had to leave his bones at or maybe in the mighty Mississippi river.
In the 17th century several British colonies were founded along the eastcoast. They revolted in 1775, starting the Revolutionary War that led to independence in 1783. 
The 19th century saw a bloody Civil War and later the West was won, at the expense of the Native Americans.
After winning World II in 1945 the USA emerged as the de-facto world leader and military super power, a position presently more and more challenged by China.
There is a growing political, cultural and geographic divide between liberal and conservative Americans, as demonstrated by the Jan 6 2021 storming of the Capitol by angry Trump supporters.
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