The Midwest is a part of the USA that roughly stretches from west of the Appalachian Mountains via the Great Lakes to east of the Rocky Mountains.
Going west, the low-lying Interior Plains of the east slowly rise to altitudes of 1500 meters.
These are the Great Plains, once an immense prairieland where milllions of buffalo roamed but it is now mainly farmland.
Major Native American peoples were  Iroquois in the east and the Algonquian to the north, while west of the Mississipi the nomadic  Plains Indians roamed and hunted buffalo for a living.
From the 17th century most of the Midwest was incorporated in New France. The area east of the Mississipi became part of the newly formed US Northwest Territory in 1783
In 1803 Napoleon needed money to invade Britain and he sold all his territories west of the Mississipi to the USA. This Louisiana Purchase instantly doubled the size of the USA.
The agricultural west is known as the Corn Belt while the heavy industrialized eastern part once was called the Steel Belt, but presently has the less flattering name of Rust Belt. It was here that Donald Trump won the 2016 election for US President.
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