The East Coast is the part of the USA that borders the Atlantic Ocean.
During the last Ice Age the area north of New York City was covered by thick glaciers. The lands are still recovering, with the north rising and poor Florida sinking.
Native Americans ived here 5000 years ago. Around 1000 AD they were forcefully replaced by the Iroquois that moved in from the south. The Five Nations League was formed around 1570 and made the Iroquois the dominant force controlling the beaver fur business with Europeans traders.
Early in the 17th century Swedes, Dutchmen and Brits started settlements but the Brits prevailed and over time created 13 colonies.
TheRevolutionary War from 1773 - 1783 resulted in independence and the creation of the United States. 
Slavery in the southern states was one of the reasons for the Civil War of 1861-65 which was won by the North.
Around the turn of the 19th century millions of European immigrants flocked to the USA. They were processed at New York's Ellis Island, about 2% were rejected.
Finance, banking, Wallstreet and government  build the East Coast's strong economy.
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