Norway is a long stretched country on the north-western seaboard of Scandinavia.
Most of its 5 million inhabitants live in the southern part between Trondheim to the north and Kristiansand in the south. Here you also find the capital Oslo.
The Scandinavian Mountains with its many glaciers dominate the landscape, with to the west the Fjords, these magnificent remnants of the Ice Ages.
Early habitation goes back to 10.000 BC, when the glaciers receded the coast was settled by fishermen and hunters.
Norway is well know for the notorious Viking Age, a period that "officially" started in 793 with a brutal looting raid in Northeast England.
Later the country made unions or wars with its neighbours Denmark and Sweden until in 1905 it became independent.
The discovery and exploitation of large offshore petroleum and gas resources has made Norway rich. Bergen is the epicenter for the oil industry. 
The country is agressively transferring to a fossil fuel free ecomony, but interestingly that does not mean they will stop exporting their oil.
Never let principles interfere with profitable business..
Norway is a wealthy and expensive country with a high standard of living. It is a member of NATO and associated with the EU through EFTA.
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