South Sweden
The Scandinavian peninsula forms the northern part of the European continent.
During the last Ice Age, large parts of the area were covered with thick glaciers. When the ice retreated  it laid bare the typical fjords of Norway west of the Scandinavian Mountains. The northern plains became tundra and Sweden and Finland got stuck with zillions of lakes and endless forests.
Early habitation started 12.000 BP when reindeer hunters from present-day Germany followed their pray northwards with the receding ice caps.
A few millennia later Uralic Fins and Sami moved in from Russia and the Baltics.
Denmark, Sweden, and Norway share a common history, culture and language, the Old Norse.
Finland's culture was largely formed by the Swedish and later the Russian occupation.
During the Viking Age the superior longships allowed the Scandinavians to raid, colonize and trade in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and even North America.
The Scandinavian countries have a high standard of living based on the typical Nordic welfare model.
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