North Cape
The long stretched northern part of Norway is much less populated than the south. The jagged coast is littered with islands and peninsulas, with the Lofoten as prime example.
Landinwards there are glacier-covered mountains, forests and tundra up north where reindeer roam.
The area towards the border with Russia is mainly flat.
Most of the region lies above the Arctic Circle, sporting midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter. 
Modern humans showed up around 10.000 BC, and some of them left impressive rockart near Alta.
Later the Sami moved in from the east.
In the early Middle Ages most Viking chieftains lived along the coast and fiercely fought to keep their independence.
From the 14th century cod fishing and drying became the main industry along the coast while the Sami kept herding their reindeer and Finn settlers arrived.
During WWII arctic convoys to Murmansk  led to fierce battles off the northern coast and scores of seamen lost their life in the cold waters here. 
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