The Lofoten archipelago is located north of the Arctic Circle, but the Gulfstream keeps the climate relatively mild.
The islands feature rugged mountains with  snow covered peaks, secluded inlets and sandy beaches. Large streches of land are uninhabited.
The sea with its strong tidal currents is never far. The Moskstraumen maelstrom is one of the worlds strongest whirlpools and was already mentioned in 13th century poems.
The Islands have been inhabited ever since the last Ice Age ended and proudly played their part in the rich and violent Viking history. 
Wildlife is not constrained to the sea as millions of birds like puffins and eagles live ashore and even some moose roam the larger islands.
An experiment with King Penguins released around the islands was not successful.
In spring the waters around the Lofoten are teeming with spawning Atlantic Cod and for uncounted centuries fishermen have been busy bringing this bounty ashore. The cod is then dried and sold under the name of Stockfish.
Stockfish is Norway's oldest export article, the Vikings shipped it all the way to England.
The Lofoten are an ever more popular destination and in summer some locals feel overrun by tourists.
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