Alaska Southcental consists of the shores and lands of the central part of the Gulf of Alaska.
Most of the Alaskans live in the greater Anchorage area, making a living from fisheries, tourism and the oil industry.
The region has many active volcanos and is prone to major earthquakes, sometimes followed by a tsunami.
The area between Anchorage and Valdez  is dominated by water, mountains and glaciers and is of a spectacular beauty but almost void of roads.
The best way to reach Valdez from Anchorage is to drive along the Turnagain Arm to Portage. Do stop at Alyeska and ride the arial tram up to the Girdwood ski resort. The views here are breathtaking..
The 4 km long one-lane tunnel between Portage and Whittier is shared by cars and trains, normally not at the same time.
At Whittier you take the ferry to Valdez which is a real treat with views of imposing snow-capped mountains and distant glaciers.
If you are lucky you may spot whales or sea otters.
In Valdez you can book a full-day cruise on the Prince William Sound to see the Columbia Glacier and the abundant marine wildlife of the Sound.
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Whittier Valdez ferry
Turnagain Arm
Prince William Sound