Iceland sits high in the Atlantic Ocean and its northern shores touch the Arctic Ocean but thanks to the Gulfstream the climate is surpriingly mild.
The island sports active volcanoes and ample geothermal activity which provides heating and electrical energy to the 300.000 Icelanders. Most of them live in the Reykjavik area leaving the rest of the country mostly to sheep, birds and tourists.
It was unsettled land untill in 874 AD a Viking called Ingolfur Arnarson had his homestead built near present day Reykjavik. To discourage others he named his new country Iceland but that did not fool many and soon Norwegians, Irishmen and Scotts arrived to claim their piece of the cake.
Iceland gained independence from Denmark in 1918 and became a republic in 1944.
The country was hit hard by the banking crisis of 2008 but has recovered remarkably well..
For the tourist it has a lot on offer, from mighty waterfalls and geothermal fields to imposing glaciers, active volcanoes and cuddly puffins.
And you just have to follow the Ringroad (some stretches are  still unpaved) to see it all.
Take the weather as it comes, expect rain, fog, sleet, wind and even the occasional sunshine, but above all enjoy the fantastic scenery.
We visited Iceland  in July 2015.
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Golden Circle
Blue Lagoon
Vik Area
Diamond Circle