The part of Bolivia grazing Lake Titicaca sits on the Altiplano at an elevation of around 4000 m.
The imposing snowcapped mountains of the Cordillera Real to the East peak at over 6000 m.
This was once home for the Tiwanaku Empire, wel before the Incas took over in the 15th century..
Many inhabitants are Aymara and proudly claim a Tiwanaka ancestry.
The main city is La Paz, administrative capital of Bolivia.
For the tourist there are many interesting things to do and see, from hectic and heavily polluted La Paz to the quiet ruins of Tiwanaku City.
The drive from Desaguadero at Peru's border to La Paz is in itself a treat because it provides a splendit view of the scarcely populated Altiplano.
The Valle de la Luna southeast of La Paz is a heavily eroded hill with rugged limestone formations.
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Desaguadero to La Paz
Valle de la Luna
La Paz