Scotland covers the northern part of Great Britain and is since 1707 a country within the United Kingdom.
During the last Ice Age Scotland was solidly covered by thick glaciers.
Hunter-gatherers (re)appeared some 15 millenia ago. The area around Perth has many artefacts going back to prehistoric times, in particular a royal tomb from the Bronze Age in Forteviot
The Romans reached Scotland, but soon retreated behind Hadrian's Wall.
The Kingdom of Scotland started in 843 Till the merger with England in 1707 their was a hate-love relation between Scotts and English a feeling that remains today.
The Indusrial Revolution made Scotland a world leader in manufacturing. Those days are long gone, presently North Sea oil and service are major industries. And there is always the whiskey...
Edinburgh is Scotlands capital and cultural center, while Glasgow is its economic "powerhouse".
In a 2014 referendum on Independence 55% of the Scotts voted no, but at the general election of 2015 the nationalist SNP took almost all of the seats in Scotland. The issue seems far from settled certainly with Brexit looming.
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