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May 14 2023:Added in the submap Europe/Netherlands/Gelderland the album for Zaltbommel.
April 1 2023: Added Submap Ocean Race with the album Ocean Race 23 start.
December 9 2022:Added submap Gelderland, moved the albums Hattem in here, added albums het Loo, Hubertus, Kroller-Muller and Zutphen.
   Added submap Overijssel, moved the albums for Kampen, Zwolle, Hasselt and Giethoorn in here, added album for Deventer.
   Added the album Sleat in the submap Fryslan. 
July 24 2022: Added the submap Noordbrabant, with albums for Heusden, 's Hertogenbosg and Drunense Duinen in Europe/Netherlands
May 22 2022: Updated and edited the albums for China/Yunnan.
March 3 2022: Updated the albums for China/Xinjiang and the submap Russia.
December 3 2021: Added in Europe/Netherlands the submap for Maastricht with albums for Maastricht city, Jekerkwartier and St Pietersberg.
   Editted several albums in Chile High North. 
June 29 2021: Added in Europe/Netherlands the album for Middelburg and a submap Ijssel delta with albums for Giethoorn, Kampen, Hasselt, Zwolle
   and Hattem. 
December 22 2020: Updated and edited the albums for Hawaii and Dutch Caribbean.
November 17 2020: Added in Europe/Netherlands albums for Zoutkamp, Boertange, Veluwezoom and Drunense duinen.
October 31 2020: Added the submap Europe/Netherlands/Fryslan. Moved the relevant albums into here and added new albums for Snits and Hylpen.
October 13 2020. Added in Europe/Spain the albun for Murcia. Updated and edited the albums for Turkey.
March 20, 2020. Updated and edited the albums for Central America, Japan, Taiwan, SE Asia, Canada and Australia
December 2 2019: Added in the submap Russia the album Sergiev Posad and the submap Moscow Map with 8 albums for Moscow.
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