Adjust the picture size.
The albums have a total picture size of 1367 by 768 pixels, as found on many laptops.
Use the full screen option by pressing the F11 button. (Press F11 again to undo full screen.)
Use the zoom function Ctrl plus+ or Ctrl plus - to adjust the picture size on your display 
Color calibration
Most monitors and laptops sport a strong blue factory setting. This gives a sharper picture but distorts the color balance of the photographs..
You can calibrate your display with the build-in software, or, even better, use an external colorimeter.
How to access the albums.
To the upper-left are icons for Home, World and Help.
1. Click the world icon, this brings you to a map of the world with labels for continents or countries.
 2. Select you region of interest by clicking its label.
3. A map will open with texts to the left and a map with labels for albums to the right.
Internet links in the text provide more information about the area of interest.
Blue labels bring you to another map with albums, a yellow label leads directly to an album.
4. Select a photo album by clicking its icon.
5. You will now see the album, with texts to the left and clickable thumbnails of photos.
6. By clicking on a thumbnail you get the full-sized photo. Arrow icons will help you navigate up, down or back to the album.
Use upper-left icons to navigate back to the world or home.
In the Home page, click on the lower-left datum to see info on the latest update.
NB: with a slow internet connection it may take a few seconds to download the album.  

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