How to adjust the picture size.

The native format for the albums is 1367 by 768 pixels as found on many laptops.
Maximize the screen area by using the Full Screen option in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome by pressing the F11 button. (press F11 again to undo)

If you want to adjust the picture-size to your screen resolution, use the Ctrl + or Ctrl - button combination.
For a finer control, in Windows Internet Explorer use the Alt x combination to access the Tools menu.
Click Zoom and then Custom to adjust the Zoom percentage.









How to access and navigate the albums

1. Click the world icon, this brings you to a map of the world with labels for continents or countries

2. Select a continent or country by clicking its label.

3. A sub-map will open with text to the left and labels for albums in the map.
  Embedded in the text are internet links for more information about the specific area or interest.
   Above the text are clickable icons that will bring you home, to the worldmap or one level up.

4. Click on the label for the album you want to explore.

5. You will now see the album content with text to the left and clickable thumbnails of the photos in the album.

6. Clicking on a thumbnail will show you the actual photo, you can navigate around with the arrow buttons to
  the left and right side of the picture.

7. With a slow internet connection it may take a few secs for the larger albums to load.

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