Zaragoza is the capital of the Aragon autonomous community and sits on the banks of the Ebro River.
From the 5th century BC the Sedtani settled here but the place gained prominence when in 14 BC the Romans took over and made it a military outpost
called Caesaraugusta, after emperor Augustus.
The Roman Empire slowly faded away and around 475 AD the Visigoths found themselves in power.
The town reached its haydays as capital of the Taifa of Zaragoza, an independent muslim state. 
Alphonso I defeated the Muslims in 1118 and brought Zaragoza under Aragonese rule.
In 1809 the city suffered major damage and a massive loss of lives in the Second Siege of Zaragoza.
Zaragoza hosted the Expo 2008 which gave a boost to the region's economy, But shortly after the recent economic crisis hit hard and unemployment soared. Fortunately recovery is underway.
Places of interest are the Plaza del Pilar with the la Seo Cathedral, the imposing Basilica del Pilar, the City Hall and la Lonja. Nearby are the remains of the roman wall.
Several museums show ruins of the Caesaraugusta times. And of course you have to see the Aljaferia Caste.
We visited Zaragoza in May 2017.
Aljaferia castle
Roman ruins
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Old Town