The Yangtze Delta is the region where the mighty Yangtze river dumps its mirky waters into the East China Sea.
The fertile, densily populated land south of the river is known as Jiangnan and sports dozens of multi-million cities, Megacity Shanghai alone has a population of over 25 million souls.
Most locals speak a version of the Wu dialect.
From 5000 BC on, Neolithic Majiabang cultures florished around Lake Taihu.
The Liangzhu culture  with Austronesian roots florished a few millenia later and is known for the many jade artefacts. It may have been one of the first states in the region.
Cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing played important roles in the history of Chinese dynasties.
The 1800 km long Grand Canal connects Beijing to Hangzhou and was a major waterway for 14 centuries. Its southern section is still in use today.
Jiangnan is packed with historical and interesting towns like Shanghai, Nanjing,Hangzhou and Suzhou and sites like the grand Buddha in Ling Shan, lake Taihu, old watertowns like Zhouzhuang and the leaning pagoda at Tiger Hill.
Hangzhou Bay is perfectly shaped to create the worlds largest Tidal Bore.
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Tidal Bore
 Ling Shan
Lake Taihu
Tiger Hill
Hairy Crab