Denmark is a mainly flat country north of Germany and consists of the Jutland peninsula and more than 400 islands. With Greenlandand the Faroe islands it forms the Kingdom of Denmark with Copenhagen as capital.
Sturdy Neanderthals roamed here 110.000 years ago untill the the last Ice Age drove them away. When 13.000 years ago the glaciers receded, hunter-gatherers arrived from the south to hunt reindeer on the newly formed tundra.
The intriguing Trundholm sun chariot stems from the nordic Bronze Age and is 3500 years old.
A unified kingdom appeared in the 8th century and the present monarchy can trace its ancestry back to the time of Harald Bluetooth, who erected one of the Jelling stones in 965 AD.
During the Viking Age the Danes were enthousiast participants of the raiding and trading bands that scorned Europe.
For a long time Denmark was a regional power house encompassing Norway, parts of Sweden and Germany, but lost most of it in the 19th century.
Denmark is part of the EU and Schengen, has voted no to the Euro but then pegged its currency the Krone to the Euro.
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