The Costa Blanca is the part of the Spanisch Eastcoast that stretches for 200 km from Denia in the North to Pilar de Horradada in the South.
The Costa Blanca is part of the Alicante Province and the main towns are Alicante and Benidorm.
The name was introduced in 1957 by British marketeers to promote and grow air traffic to the region.
Punics and Romans had settlements here in ancient times but human inhabitation remained sparce untill the Moors arrived in 718 AD. They introduced terrassed fruit orchards with a smart system for irrigation, thus boosting agricultural production that facilitated population growth.
The remains of these age-old terrasses can still be seen everywhere on the hill sides..
Later Berber Pirates were active along the coast in seach for loot and slaves for the thriving Ottoman Empire. In response people build observation towers and fortified their towns.
The many white sandy beaches and the nice climate makes the Costa Blanca a favorite tourist destination, not only in summer but also for scores of hibernating penshionadas that escape the wintery climate in northern Europe.
A tramline connects Denia with Alicante making it very convenient to travel between the towns and villages.
Each town has its distinct own character, ranging from a bustling touristic Benidorm to a very Spanish and elegant Alicante.
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El Campello
La Vila Joiosa