Far North Queensland covers the northeastern tip of the Australian continent, with the city of Cairns as major hub.
Sometimes referred to as Tropical North Queensland, this is where the lush rainforest meets the sandy beach and, farther out, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

As early as 75.000 years ago first humans arrived here via the Torres Strait and went on to colonize Australia.
The first contact with European explorers was in 1606.
In 1770 James Cook ran his ship Endeavour aground near Cape Tribulation but could sail on after they made the necessary repairs.
European settlement started in earnest late in the 19th century by people in search for gold, timber, coal and dairyland. This caused violent and bloody clashes with the Aboriginals who were robbed of most of their land.
Far North Queensland's economy is based on agriculture, mining and tourism. Nearly a million tourists visit the region to embark on leisury activities like:
- Dive the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas.
- Meet the frightful salties in the Daintree Estuary.
- Take a ride on the scenic tramway to Kuranda and from there sail over the rainforest aboard the Skyrail.
- Tour the Atherton Tablelands with its many waterfalls.
Or just relax in Port Douglas where you find the perfect mix of beaches, watering holes and restaurants...
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Agincourt Reef
Table Lands
Port Douglas