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March 30 2018: Removed the album Wien, added in Europe/Austria the submap Vienna map with 4 albums for Vienna, Schonbrunn, Belvedere and Prater. Did some general cleanup.
January 13 2018: Added in Canada the submap Quebec Province with submaps for Quebec area and Montreal. Added in here 11 albums. Updated and expanded the World Hghlights album.
December 9 2017: Added in Canada the submap Bay of Fundy with the Hopewell Rocks album. Added in Canada the submap Nova Scotia with the album for Halifax and the submap Cape Breton with albums for Bay St Lawrence, Gampo Abbey, Cabot Trail and Shyline Trail.
November 29 2017: Added in Canada/Newfoundland the album Newfoundland Highlights. Added in Europe/Spain/Costa Blanca the album Vilajoyosa and the submap Alicante map, moved the albums Alicante and Semana Santa into this submap and added albums for Santa Barbara Castle and Volvo Ocean Race 2017.
November 20 2017: Added in the Canada map the submap Newfoundland with 21 albums 
August 14 2017: Added in Europe/Netherlands the submap Ameland with 4 new albums.
August 6 2017: Added in Europe/Spain the submap Zaragoza map with 3 new albums.
July 22 2017: Refreshed all pages and added in the submap Europe/Netherlands albums for Urk and Leeuwarden.
July 18 2017: Removed the map for Valencia. Added a submap Valencia map and added albums for Valencia old town, Valencia Cathedral, Valencia station, Arts and Sciences and Valencia Highlights.
April 24 2017: Added in the submap Europe/Scandinavia the albums Norway Highlights, Sweden Highlights, Finland Highlights. Added in the submap for north Norway the regionmap Lofoten. Added the album Leknes and moved the album Nusfjord here. Cleaned photos and text for some of the scandinavia albums
April 5 2017: Added in the map Russia/St Petersburg the album St Petersburg Highlights. Added in the map Australia the album Australia Highlights. Cleaned photos and text in the Australia albums.
March 30 2017: Added in the map Hawaii the album Hawaii Highlights. Cleaned up photos and text in some of the Hawaii albums.
March 23 2017: Added in the map Iceland 2 albums for Hofn and Iceland Highlands. Cleaned up photos and text in some of the Iceland albums
March 6 2017: removed the Easter Island album. Added the map Easter Island with 13 new albums. Added the submap Easter Island / Rano Raraku with two albums. Updated and edited some texts in other maps.
January 26 2017; Changed the map for Terra del Fuego, updated, edited and corrected the text of several maps.
January 16 2017: Updated the picture and text in the Middle East map. Moved the link for Turkey to the Middle East map. Added the submap Middle East/Egypt and moved the links for Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El-sheik to this map. Updated and edited the text for several maps.
January 9 2017: Added in the submap USA/Far West the album for Lake Mead.  Edited the text for the America maps.
January 4 2017: Added the submap USA/Florida with albums for Homosassa, GatorLand, SeaWorld, Cape Canaveral, Everglades and Key West.
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