The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is located in the Northwest of China. It emcompasses a large land area and has borders with 8 countries, including Russia and India.
The Tarim mummies in the Urumqi museum date from the 2d millenium BC and show Indo-European features like red hair, suggesting that long ago Caucasians lived here.
Around 140 BC Zhang Qian explored the region for his emperor Wu. His reports helped the Han dynasty to establish control over the Northern Silk Road.
Xinjiang forms an etnic border between the Caucasoid and Mongoloid races. 
Apart from Han Chinese, some 55 officially recognized etnic minorities live here. Many are Uyghurs,a Turkic ethnic group, but there are also Kazakhs, Tajiks and Kyrgyz groups.
Most of these minorities are Muslim, and unfortunately like everywhere else in the world, also here the islam has bloody borders.
Uyghurs attacks on Han Chinese trigger harsh actions of the chiinese government and so on.....
A large part of Xin Jiang is part of theTaklamatan Desert, a formidable barrier for the caravans that travelled the Northern Silk Road from Xian to Kashi.
We toured the area in 2003 with local guides, at that time  the political tensions were not is high as they are today.
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Karakul Lake