Egypt is the only country that has a contiguous territory on both the African and Asian continent, with the Suez Canal as the continental divide.
It is the Middle East`s most populous country, its nearly 100 million live mostly close to the fertile banks of the Nile and the Nile Delta.
Early nation states appeared along the Nile around 5000 BC, first hieroglyphs are from 3200 BC.
A few centuries later Narmer unified the country and became the first Pharaoh, followed by 170 more before in 30 BC an asp ended the life of Cleopatra and the Romans annexed Egypt. The use and knowledge of hieroglyghs faded away untill the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799.
Pyramids and Great Sphinx were build in the Old Kingdom period. During the New Kingdom Egypt became very powerfull and expanded its territory to the East and South. Famous rulers of this period are  Thutmosis III, Tutankhamun andRamses II.
Romans, Byzantines, Arab Muslims, Ottomans and Brits ruled over Egypt untill independence was gained in 1953. After two lost wars with Israel, peace was made in 1978 at Camp David.
The Arab Spring also touched Egypt but was short-lived and the military soon regained control.
Today Egypt is struggling to create work for its fast growing population, 75% is below 25 years old.
Despite pyramids and excellent diving sites in the Red Sea,  tourists shy away from Egypt, afraid of more  terrorist attacks.
Sharm el-Sheikh
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