The Republic of Colombia is located in the northwestern part of South America.
Its population is diverse with descendents from the native people like the Muiscas, Spanish colonists, African slaves and European immigrants.
First human migrants, on their way to explore and settle South America, passed here probably more then 15000 years ago. Some stayed, others moved on.
Before the arrival of the Spanish various native people like the Muisca people lived here.
Vasco Nez de Balboa,  a real tough guy, founded Colombia's first Spanish settlement in 1510. Later in that century many expeditions were set up to find the famous El Dorado. as of today they all failed.
Under Simon Bolivar Colombia gained its independence in 1819.
Since the 1960's the country has been fighting the  guerrillas of the FARC, but in 2016 a peace agreement was signed.
Bogota is the capital, at Zipaquira there is a huge underground church carved out in the salt mines.
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