The Hawaiian Islands are actually the peaks of an long stretched undersea volcano range.
For the last 32 million years the  Pacific Plate has moved in a northwestern direction over the Hawai'i Hotspot in the ocean floor.
The islands to the north are thus the oldest and have ceased volcanic activity long time ago. The Haleakala volcano on Maui is dormant and only the southernmost island, Hawai'i, still features active volcanoes, including spectacular flows of red-hot lava.
Southeast of Hawai'i a new island called Lo'ihi is in the making. Just wait another 10.000 years...

About 2000 years ago Polynesian explorers from the Marquesas Islands started to settle the Hawaiian Islands and the population grew steadily.
Captain Cook discovered the islands for Britain in 1778 but he was killed by locals at Kealakekua Bay a year later when he tried to kidnap the local chief.
Kamehamea the Great united the islands by force in 1810 and founded the Kingdom of Hawai'i.
It was overthrown in 1893 with 'help' of the USA which subsequently annexed the islands in 1898.
The Japanese  attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 drove the USA into WW II and eventually Japan into defeat.
The Hawaiin Islands joined the USA as the 50th and sofar last state in 1959.
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