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Bali is a small island in the indonesian archipelago with Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is the only island in Indonesia with a Hindu majority and is known for its diverse and high quality of arts.
Cousins of Java man strolled here in paleolithic times, long before the first wave of modern humans showed up after 60.000 years ago, some on their way to Australia.
About 4000 years ago the Austronesian expansion brought the ancestors of today's Indonesians to the island. They probably hailed originally from Taiwan.
Hnduism was introduced from the 9th century onwards.
The first Dutch explorers came to the island in the 16th century, but real colonization started around 1850 and full control was only established in 1906.
The stratovolcano Gunung Agung dominates the local weather. Since 2017 the volcano is active again, belching ash and causing temporary closures of nearby Denpassar airport.
The last major eruption was in 1963 and killed nearly 1500 people.
Since the 9th century rice cultivation in Bali is controlled by a farmers organization called Subak, making sure everybody gets his share of water to irrigate the ricefields.
The 2002 Bali Bombing in Kuta is a sad reminder that even peacefull places like Bali are not immune to religeous fanatics. A second bombing took place in 2005. 
Today Bali is a major tourist destination for Australians, Chinese and Europeans alike.
Bali 1998
Bali 2002-2005