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The Tierra del Fuego archipelago forms the southern tip of South America. The Strait of Magellan separates the area from the South American mainland. Punta Arenas, Chile's largest city in the area is located at the Strait.
Tierra del Fuego is a cold and windy place with lakes and moraines in the eastern lowlands, and the heavily glaciated tail end of the Andes mountains to the west.
Since 1881 Argentinia and Chile share a border right through the main island Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.
The wildlife-rich Beagle Channel forms the southern end of the main island. Here you find Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city.
Located even further south, Isla Hornos, also known as Cape Horn, houses a small Chilean Navy station with a pilot service. The Albatross monument  commemorates all the sailors that perished here.
Fuegians have carved out a living here for thousands of years before Ferdinant Magellan sailed through the Drake Passage in 1520 on his quest to find a west passage to Asia.
He noticed the many fires lit by the locals and named the hostile coast Land of Fire.
Late in the 19th century a gold rush brought droves of Argentines and Chileans to the area and they de-facto wiped out the local Yaghan and Selk'nam people.
Oil was found in the 1940's. A dispute over islands almost led to a war between the two countries in 1978. So, during the Falklands War the Chileans happily reported Argentine jet movements to the British forces.
Punta Arenas
Cape Horn
Beagle Channel
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