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August 8 2019. Added in Europe the submap Granada map with albums for Alhambra, Granada Cathedral and Granada.
June 1 2019: Added in Europe/Spain/Costa Blanca/Alicante the album Alicante city hall. Edited text of several albums.
April 12 2019: Edited and cleaned up several albums, replaced the album Falkslands by albums for Stanley and Sparrow Cove.
March 3 2019: Added a submap Tenerife map with maps for El Teide, around Tenerife and La Gomera. Removed the old Tenerife map.
December 31 2018: Edited the albums for Ecuador.
December 14 2018: Reshuffled and edited the albums in South America / Chile / Salar de Atacama and added albums for San Pedro and Toconao.
November 18 2018: Reshuffled and added 5 extra albums in South America / Chile / High North.
October 10 2018: Added in Europe/Netherlands the new album Marker Wadden.
September 20 2018: Added in Europe/Netherlands 5 albums for Starum, Volendam, Zaanse Schans, Hoorn and Enkhuizen.
September 6 2018: Added in the submap Europe/Ireland 11 albums.
August 24 2018: Added in Europe the submap Ireland. Added in Ireland a submap Boyne Valley with 4 albums. Added in Ireland the submap Dublin with 5 albums.
August 1 2018: Added submap Volvo Ocean Race with albums for start and finish.
July 25 2018: Added the submap Europe/Northern Ireland with albums for Carrick a Rede, Giants Causeay, Belfast and Belfast Murals.
May 25 2018: Added in Europe/Germany the submap Berlin map with 4 albums for Berlin, Spree, Alexander Patz and Brandenburger Tor.
March 30 2018: Removed the album Wien, added in Europe/Austria the submap Vienna map with 4 albums for Vienna, Schonbrunn, Belvedere and Prater. Did some general cleanup.
January 13 2018: Added in Canada the submap Quebec Province with submaps for Quebec area and Montreal. Added in here 11 albums. Updated and expanded the World Hghlights album.
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