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Germany, with Berlin as its capital, was together with France one of the founding fathers of the EU.
Its long history is intimately interwoven with that of Europe as a whole.
The Mauer 1 mandible shows that a local version of Homo Erectus lived here 600.000 years ago, and the fossils of the Neander valley led to the discovery of our cousins the Neanderthals.
German tribes violently interacted with the Roman Empire, as Varus found out, and sacked Rome twice .
Germany was the heart of The Holy Roman Empire, politically and culturally.
From 1870 till 1945 Germany waged war with France three times and was at the center of both worldwars, causing terrible mayham to much of the world.
After the fall of Nazi Germany the western part became the BRD,while in the East the DDR was established, under direct control of the Soviet Union.
In 1990 the country was reunited, and nowadays it is the economic and political powerhouse of Europe.