The Republic of Turkey is a large country on the southern dividing line between Europe and Asia.
The region is one of the earliest permanently settled areas of the world.
The fascinating site of Göbekli Tepe with its large stone pillars dates back to neolithic times, some 12000 years ago.
Multiple Out of Africa waves of modern humans have settled or passed through, so did Alexander the Great, Greeks and the Roman legions.
The Byzantine Empire ruled for many centuries from Constantinople untill its fall to the Ottoman Empire in 1453.
The Ottomans faded away in 1922 and Mustafa
Atatürk founded the secular state of Turkey.
With close to 80 million inhabitants and a strong army Turkey is a regional powerhouse.
The present de-facto leader of Turkey has a nostalgy for the good old Ottoman times and seems intend on making Turkey an islamic state again with all powers assigned to the president. (himself), and he did get the green light for this in a recent referendum.
Several terrorist attacks have rocked Turkey lately, killing many locals and scaring off tourists.
A failed military coup attempt in 2016 has given Erdogan the excuse to start a witch hunt against everybody that disagrees with him, wrecking Turkey's democracy in the process.
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