Taiwan, officially known as The Republic of China and formerly known as Formosa, is an independent island state east of China`s mainland.
Austronesians populated the island some 8000 years ago. Their ancestors later may have moved on to Southeast Asia and Polynesia but a new theory claims it was the other way around.

In 1624 the Dutch East India Company staked out their claim by building Fort Zeelandia and by 1642 these entrepeneurs had driven out the Spanish competition that occupied the north.
In 1662 the Dutch were defeated by the Ming general Koxinga who founded the shortlived Tungning Kingdom.
In 1683 the Qing dynasty took control, later
followed by the Japanese in 1894.
In 1949 the Kuomintang under Chiang Kai-shek  was defeated by the communist forces of Mao Zedong and retreated to Taiwan, bringing 2 million people, treasures and China's gold reserves with him.
Thanks to the Taiwan Miracle that started in the 1960's Taiwan is a prosperous country, but China claims souvereignty on the island while Taiwan claims legitimacy of the total mainland. 
Unfortunately the new US administration seems intent to heat up this long lingering conflict.
Dumb, reckless and dangerous!!
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