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Knight Inlet
Butchart Gardens
The Southwestern coast of Canada borders the Pacific and thanks to the North Pacific Current the climate here is pretty moderate, with dry summers and a rainy rest of the year.
Early humans arrived here at least 16.000 years ago, probably via coastal migration. There is not much proof because at that time sea levels were much lower and the coastline was far more to the west.
When the Europeans arrived in the 18th century several indigenous peoples lived in the area. Colonial rule of British Columbia started in 1848.
Today Vancouver and Victoria together are home to more than 50% of the total population of British Columbia, an increasing percentage of them are from asian origins.
Outside these cities there is ample place for nature to florish, which again stimulates outdoor recreation and tourism.
Whale watching tours are popular, if you are lucky you can observe a pot of Orcas or see the spout and tail of a humpback whale
The more adventurous can opt for a visit by zodiac to the grizzly bears of Knight inlet.
Those who like to play it safe, can visit the famous Butchart Gardens and enjoy the flowers. But watch out for the snakes...