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Sabah is a Malaysian state in the northern part of Borneo.
Its population is very diverse, both in terms of ethnicity and religion.
Recent illegal immigration waves from the Philippines have shifted the balance towards a muslim majority.
Raids from pirates and Phllipino muslim extremists further deteriorate the stability of the country.
Negritos were the first inhabitants, some 25.000 years ago.
In the 7th century Sabah was part of the
Bruneian Empire.
In the second world war Sabah saw its fair share of fighting and japanese atrocities, culminating in the infamous POW death marches to Ranau.
We went there in August 2004 to experience the jungle of Borneo and its abundant wildlife, in particular the Orangutans at Sepilok and the long-nosed Proboscis Monkeys that roam in the Kina Batangan River area.

We topped it off with a couple of relaxed days at a top resort in Kota Kinabalu.
Kina Batangan
Pulau Seligaan
Kota Kinabalu