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Wiencke Island is part of the Palmer Archipelago, a series of islands to the west of the large Antarctic Peninsula.
To the east is the Antarctic mainland, separated by the Gerlache Strait, to the west is Anvers Island, separated by the at times narrow and winding Neumayer Channel.
The islands and waters were named by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Adrien de Gerlache who explored the area in 1898.
Unfortunately their good ship Belgica got stuck in the ice and the brave explorers had to spend a long, harsh winter in total darkness.  Apart from scurvy, some of the men suffered mentally and one crew member even left to walk back to Belgium. So far he has not arrived there yet.
Wiencke Island is named after an unlucky crew member from Norway who went overboard and drowned.
Nowadays these waters are frequently visited by cruise ships because of the majestic scenery of snow and glacier covered peaks and cliffs.
We circumnavigated Wiencke Island in Februari 2008.
Neumayer Channel
Graham Land
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Gerlache Strait