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England is in size, population and economy the largest part of the United Kingdom.
Homo Antecessor left footprints as early as 800.000 years ago. Modern humans from Iberia arrived after the last Ice Age and by 6000 BC rising sealevels had created the island of Albion. In the Iron Age Celts  moved in from Europe.
The Romans invaded England in 43 AD and had to built the Hadrian Wall in 122 AD to keep those wild and pesky Scotts out.
The Romans left and Anglo-Saxons moved in. Late in the 10th century Vikings invaded the land but in 1066 William the Conquerer won the battle of Hastings and took a firm hold of England.

In the 16th century England competed successfully with other European states to establish colonies and trade in the East and the West and during the next centuries it build the  mighty British Empire.
The industrial Revolution started around 1750 in England and changed the world forever.
In new post-WW II order and after the desastrous Suez Crisis Britain`s global leader role was over.
In 1973 it relectantly joined the EU
In a 2016  referendum a majority in England and Wales voted for the UK to leave the EU and go it alone to have Brittania rule the waves again.
History will tell if this was a wise decision.
Windsor Castle
Hadrian's Wall