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Central America is the string of seven states between Mexico in the north and Colombia to the south.
A subduction zone on the Pacific coast creates frequent seismic events in the area, a result of the tectonic merging with South America 1 million years ago.
Humans entered the scene from the north about 14.000 years ago. Some stayed, others moved on to South America.  Over the ages tribes probably moved back and forth.
Recent DNA analysis suggests a much earlier Australoid presence via coastal migration.
Before the European invaders arrived early in the 16th century Olmecs and later Mayans and Aztecs ruled Mesoamerica. The Mayans were already in decline but the Aztecs put up a stiff fight against Cortes.
The region gained independence from Spain in 1821, but it took a lot of fighting and bloodshed before finally in 1981 all seven countries became independent nations.
The region is still considered as politically volatile.
Central America is a biodiversity hotspot and an important flyway for migratory birds.
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