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Easter Island
the Falklands
South America stretches 65 degrees of latitude all the way from  the warm Carribean Sea to cold and windy Cape Horn deep south, covering steamy rainforests, mighty rivers, arid deserts, high, show covered mountains and icy glaciers.
The 7000km long Andes mountain range that splits east and west  is rich in minerals like gold, copper and lithium.
 Amazon rainforest functions as the lungs of the world. At least according to some.
Scolars think first humans entered on foot some 12.000 years ago but others propose, based on recent archeological and DNA evidencean earlier colonization by Australoids who came by boat.
Much later Polynesians landed on the west coast. Until we find their travel diaries we just do not know.
First Europeans arrived in the 16th century and Spanish and Portugese  conquistadors overpowered the local civilizations, robbed their gold and colonized the continent.
In the 19th century the Spanish colonies gained independence and, after a century of military regimes, dictatorships and bloody revolutions, today the 12 countries in South America are democracies with a Latin American touch.
Most economies are based on mining, agriculture, forestry and petroleum industry.
Tierra del Fuego
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